[РЕШЕНО] Как на mikrotik настроить Band Steering

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[РЕШЕНО] Как на mikrotik настроить Band Steering
Не могу понять как на mikrotik настроить Band Steering , поднял capsman, а дальше не понимаю как заставить пользователей коннектиться к 5GZ - если они ее видят, а не хаотично.
Вы написали верно: только клиент определяет к какой сети ему подключиться.
на текущий момент в mikrotik не поддерживает Band Steering

РЕШЕНИЕ: уменьшив мощность на выходе с передатчика для 2.4 ГГц чтобы она была меньше на 5 Дб чем в 5 ГГц (2.4 ГГц < 5 ГГц) соответственно растет процент подключенных клиентских устройств в 5 ГГц

There's a bit more to band steering than "just" kicking clients off 2.4GHz.
One of the first good things to have would be control of the beacon rate. Not only for band steering. When I deploy large scale (and I mean LARGE) WiFi networks, I already increase beacon intervals to free up more air time. For example setting the 2.4GHz beacon to 152ms and the 5GHz to 120 would make dual-band capable clients see the 5GHz beacon earlier.
Additionally, the band-steering capable AP sees the same client MAC address concurrently probing at 2.4 and 5GHz - so it would not respond to the 2.4GHz probe once it discovered the same MAC address on the 5GHz band. And that's nothing that can be done with access lists.
Having these two options in routerOS, together with 802.11r and 802.11k, it would enable much more use cases.

Everything about band steering that is done on AP- or manager/controller-side is more or less guessing and deep analysis of the air - since it is not covered in any 802.11 standard, every vendor is brewing their own ideas and make it a huge secret - some do better, some do it not so well. I've seen them all and it's basically all about MAC addresses on bands - getting better when levels come into the game as well.

Пример реализации:
i am talking about wifi for smartphones tablets and laptops no client device under control, low tx power on client devices, mixed devices, windows, mac, android, iphone

i have the following example in some project, a small building, 3 floor with 1 ap per floor, fortunately is a high density deployment, most user concentration was on floor 2 the AP location was intended to distribute floor 2 users between the avaliable AP, because the lack of band steering, i barely achieve the required coverage because i had to lower 2.4ghz radio tx power until i get better signal in 5ghz ssid than 2.4ghz ssid that way 5ghz capable wifi device prefer 5ghz ssid, the following power setting was needed,

FLOOR 1 (brick walls)
mapa piso 1.jpg2.4ghz 12dbm setting effective power 15dbm
5ghz default (23dbm)

FLOOR 2 (open space less walls)
mapa piso 2.jpg2.4ghz 2dbm setting effective power 5dbm
5ghz 20dbm

FLOOR 3 (brick walls)
mapa piso 3.jpg2.4ghz 10 dbm setting effective power 13dbm
5ghz default (23dbm)

as you can see is a very small area and 5ghz tx power are maxed out while 2.4ghz is very limited
only was possible use 20mhz channels in 5ghz to improve signal level over 2.4ghz, trying 40mhz channels on 5ghz to improve throughput was not possible because the signal level was always under 2.4ghz

И на последок ответ от mikrotik реализовано с стороны вендора 802.11r/k, Band Steering ?
The reply was that there's 'no precise schedule'.

И еще немного грустного про WIFI mikrotik:
What's even worse is not a single Mikrotik device have official WIFI certification. Just go to https://www.wi-fi.org/product-finder-re ... order=desc and see for yourself. Feel free to search for other vendors. All big names are there. Mikrotik is not.
It's easy to dismiss this as useless paperwork and waste of money, but in reality, you can't use any Mikrotik WIFI gear in any project where you are asked to build WIFI network as defined by WIFI association. I replaced about 700 centrally managed APs in 20+ locations with Meraki just in the past two years...
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я думаю, что MikroTik далеко не сосредоточен на том, чтобы быть лидером на рынке корпоративного Wi-Fi.

MikroTik предлагает очень универсальные продукты Wi-Fi, достаточно подходящие для многих сценариев по очень доступной цене.

если вы сосредоточены на корпоративных реализациях Wi-Fi, вам нужно искать других поставщиков, их много, просто они дороже

если вашим клиентам нужен расширенный Wi-Fi, они должны платить за ruckus or aruba, etc...
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