n1996 msi драйвера

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n1996 msi драйвера
Помогите найти драйвера для MSI N1996. После установки WIndows XP много video драйвер не определился, на сайте производителя MSI вообще не могу найти такую материнскую плата n1996 и соответсвенно драйверов к ней.
Я смотрю довольно много людей ищут драйвера для N1996, думаю что n1996 это модель материнской платы MSI..  Я даже набрав гугле n1996 скачать драйвер, нашел много различных пакетов якобы драйверов для этой материнской платы.

НО это не МОДЕЛЬ МАТЕРИНСКОЙ ПЛАТЫ Australian electromagnetic compatibility requirements and radio-communications standards что означает соответствия Австралийским стандартам ради-связи.

A lot of people have been looking for N1996 board drivers, thinking that N1996 is the model number for their MSI products, such as MSI motherboards, optical drives, VGA cards and etc.
Well, that IS NOT the model number because it is not possible that alot of products sharing the same model number, right?

Then some one on the forums mistakenly saying that N1996 is MSI FCC identifier printed on all MSI boards/optical drives/VGA cards, which is NOT TRUE as well. To know what N1996 means to your MSI products, see below for the proof:

<div align='center'></div>
According to MSI official website, A C-Tick mark (see above) may also appear on MSI products that are required to comply with Australian electromagnetic compatibility requirements and radio-communications standards. That's all, nothing else.

It signifies that the product may be legally sold in Australia. Now it requires EMC compliance must be marked with the C-tick logo and ACA supplier code number. Their ACA supplier code is N1996 and can apply to several of their motherboards. The supplier is responsible for holding a Compliance Folder that contains compliant test reports and a Declaration of Conformity.

This is more about ACA supplier code. According to ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority), Supplier Code Number means the number issued to a person by ACA or ACMA upon application for registration to use the compliance marks (A-Tick or C-Tick).

So now you know what N1996 means for MSI products. To find the MSI drivers, you need to find out the correct MSI model numbers, for example here are few of the correct MSI model numbers/codes, hope you can see the pattern here:

K9N4 Ultra-F

Alternatively, I would suggest you to try a driver scanning service which will identify your hardware information and then locate the most recent driver for it. One of the more accurate is Free Driver Scan. It will save you countless hour and headache and best of all, get the working driver fast. I have not personally tested this software so during install, please read the TOS (terms of service) carefully to make sure it doesn't contain adware/spyware or other kooky stuff. If you disagree with the terms, cancel the install at this point.

Another program that will help you to identify the motherboard and it's on-board hardware is Everest Home Editon. It's clean and contains NO spyware or adware.

To find make and model of pc hardware, EVEREST Home Edition is a free system diagnostics, system information program that will id most hardware onboard a mb. as well as the actual motherboard.


Alternate Everest download link: (offers 2 sites to dl program from)

Run the program and then:

Click on Computer
Click on Summary
Right hand window (hardware) if the text is BLUE this is a link to the web site for that particular hardware.

If you have additional questions or need further help, please post a SUMMARY report from Everest.
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Здравствуйте, да действительно модели материнской платы N1996 нет, модель обычно на MSI пишется между портами PCI. Пример у меня P965 Neo и на оф. сайт.   B)  Админ рулит,  )
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